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Here are some of the magazines, presses, and other businesses I've worked with....

"Gillian is a sensitive and insightful editor. Through her ability to focus on the big picture as well as on details, she creatively guides a writer toward the final manuscript, while maintaining the integrity of the original voice and intent."

Liz Bugg, author of the Calli Barnow mystery series. Visit her at

"I've had the pleasure (good fortune) of having the brilliant and unassuming Gillian Rodgerson as an editor for two novels. On each, she's proven to possess a keen, intelligent, and discerning eye/mind. Most importantly, she raises a list of clear, objective questions for consideration and discussion while leaving the craft of writing to the writer. I'd recommend her to anyone." 

Stan Rogal, author of Bloodline and Dog the Moon 

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