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recent projects

Here are some of the books I've worked on. Please support your local independent bookstore and order these titles that way. You (and they) will be glad you did....
selected books edited
Flight Instructions for the Commitment Impaired by Nicola Harwood; I’m a Registered Nurse Not a Whore by Anne Perdue (Longlisted for the Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award, 2011); The Russell Quant mystery series and the Adam Saint thrillers by Anthony Bidulka; the Calli Barnow mystery series by Liz Bugg, including Red Rover (Winner: Best First Novel, Golden Crown Awards, 2011); The Politics of Black Women’s Hair by Dr. Althea Prince (an episode of CBC’s Ontario Today based on this book won a 2010 Gracie Award for Outstanding Talk Show); Being Young: Neil, Scott, and Me by Astrid Young; This One's Going to Last Forever  and The Skin Beneath by Nairne Holtz (short-listed for the Quebec Writers’ Federation McCausland Award and the Lambda Award); Pink Icing by Pamela Mordecai
selected books copy-edited:
Bird Eat Bird by Katrina Best (Winner, Canada and Caribbean Region, Commonwealth Prize for Best First Book); Is/Was by Jenny Sampirisi; Dance Hall Road by Marion Douglas; Delible by Anne Stone; Aloha, Candy Hearts by Anthony Bidulka (Shortlisted for The Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel, Crime Writers of Canada 2010); And Baby Makes More: Known Donors, Queer Parents, and Our Unexpected Families, edited by Susan Goldberg and Chloe Brushwood Rose (Winner: Best Anthology, Non-Erotic, Golden Crown Awards, 2010)
books published by DIVA


Red Threads: The South Asian Queer Connection in Photographs by Parminder Sekhon and Poulomi Desai; Girl 2 Girl: the lives and loves of young lesbian and bisexual women, edited by Norrina Rashid and Jane Hoy; The Diva Book of Short Stories, edited by Helen Sandler (Winner, Lambda Literary Award for Anthology, 2002). Red Hot Diva (lesbian erotica): Scarlet Thirst by Crin Claxton; Fox Tales by Astrid Fox; Cherry by Charlotte Cooper (successfully challenged an import ban by Canada Customs)

here's more



The Taste of Ashes by Sheila Peters; The Earth Remembers by Adrienne Fitzpatrick;The Book of Emma (English translation) by Marie-Celie Agnant;The Evolution of Inanimate Objects by Harry Karlinsky


Bloodline by Stan Rogal

The Callie Barnow Mystery series by Liz Bugg

Red Rover; Oranges and Lemons; Yellow Vengeance

The Russell Quant Mystery series by Anthony Bidulka

Date with a Sheesha;Dos Equis

The Adam Saint series by Anthony Bidulka

When the Saints Go Marching In;The Women of Skawa Island


Pink Icing and Other Stories by Pamela Mordecai


Fatherhood 4.0 by Dalton Higgins;Strictly Legal by Michael C Cochrane; Live Your Life’s Purpose and The Purpose of Love by Dorothy Ratusny; Pause by Katherine Gibson; Turn Right, Turn Left, Repeat by Gern f. Vlchek


Swimming with Chaucer by Dan Yashinsky; Dirty Drunk and Punk by Jennifer Morton; Here for a Good Time: on the road with Trooper by Ra McGuire


The Professional Financial Advisor III by John DeGoey; What Kind of an Investor Are You? by Richard Deaves


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